music from dana hilliot and his friends

You will find some infos about my friends and me on the label Another Record

Thx for all people who are playing on theses songs : Clement (The Wedding Soundtrack), Delphine Dora, Fred Deschamp, Jullian Angel, Gilles de Lunt, Laurent E. Girard (Noria lumens), Nicolas Albin (Sludge), Valo (Half Asleep).

autumn in Cantal (homemade, 2010)
recorded at home (Capou Studio + around Saint-Flour (Cantal, France)
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You can download the full LP on

dana hilliot - autumn in cantal

winter in Cantal (homemade, 2009)
recorded at home (around Saint-Flour (Cantal, France)
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You can download the full LP on

dana hilliot - winter in cantal

misfit (on Greed Recordings, 2006)
recorded with Delphine Dora, Moonman, Half Asleep

  1. song for L
  2. five years after
  3. looking for a prostitute
  4. my first boyfriend
  5. someone to be with
  6. following the fox
  7. lovers in the wood
  8. the first and the last
  9. sleeping with a songwriter
  10. song for l (piano version)

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and read all the alternative Misfit press book (pdf)
fabulous texts written by some friends about these songs (in french)

I was a rabbit and I won (Another Record 2004)
recorded with Lunt, Half Asleep, The wedding Soundtrack, Delphine Dora,Jullian Angel
You can download the full LP on

dana :  i was a rabbit and i won

Friends of Dana (live at l'Inca, 30 04 2005) :
Jullian Angel, The Wedding Soundtrack and Adeline play the songs of I was a rabbit and I won :
You can download the full show on

Before the rabbit (home recordings 2003-2004)

before the rabbit

all the songs below can be downloaded on :

architectonic#33, Deconstructing Delphine Dora (2007)

dana hilliot - psychotic

architectonic#33, Things gone away (Another Record 2003)

download the full lp on

  1. grandma waiting for the death
  2. chris
  3. drugs
  4. insurgent times
  5. me as an athlet
  6. my brother and me walking
  7. my first kiss
  8. myriam's swallow
  9. the great adventure (after school)
  10. the lover's wood
  11. Nou Camp
  12. More than a bird
  13. Untitled one
  14. Fear
  15. Sunday Morning

Tino, Stalone (Another Record 2002)
recorded with Nicolas Albin and Laurent-Emmanuel Girard

download the full lp on

  1. The Afghan Exile
  2. Swap
  3. Super Hero
  4. Days
  5. Fuck the city
  6. No cowboy
  7. To go on
  8. Links
  9. A snake in his eyes
  10. Unemployment
  11. Full of darkness
  12. Christians
  13. Skylab

others records :

Tino, Honour and Disgrace (homemade 2001)

Tino, Tenderness and Lust (homemade 2001)

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